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A B O U T  P I L A T E S

THE PILATES METHOD, developed over 85 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates originally termed “Contrology” defined as, “the comprehensive integration of body, mind and spirit.”  Pilates improves core strength and flexibility, increases balance and stability, elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility, conditioning the entire body.

In a series of controlled sequential movements engaging your mind and body, THE PILATES METHOD, performed on specifically designed equipment and/or mats, works the deep musculature of the body to stabilize and support the spine.  As a result, the spine elongates while your muscles are toned and balanced increasing elasticity and flexibility of your joints.  This balance between strength and flexibility dramatically reduces the potential for injury and improves your body’s postural alignment for all around optimal health and wellness.

Pilates emphasizes flowing movements requiring the use of multiple muscle groups simultaneously.  Controlled breathing and concentration are essential.  After a Pilates workout your body feels conditioned and balanced - you feel taller and stronger, making it great for your body and your mind.

THE PILATES METHOD spans all ages and fitness levels.  Even professional athletes have incorporated Pilates into their exercise & wellness regimen.  It’s a program you look forward to; it engages you and leaves you recharged with a sense of mental and physical well being.

A B O U T  Y O G A

Originated in ancient India, Yoga typically means “union” between the mind, body and spirit.  It involves the practice of physical postures and poses, which is sometimes referred to as “asana” in Sanskrit.  As the name suggests, the ultimate aim of practicing Yoga is to create balance between the body and the mind to attain self-enlightenment.  In order to accomplish it, Yoga make use of different movements, breathing exercises, relaxation technique and meditation.

Yoga is associated with a healthy lively lifestyle with a balanced approach to like.
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